Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jamie goes to the Beach

At the last week Brian and I decided we wanted to go to the beach so we went down to Tybee Island.  We left Thur afternoon and came back Sunday the 17th. 
Jamie sleep all the way down expect right until Savannah and I got in the back seat and feed her. She did great on the trip.  When we got down there we unpacked and went to go eat.  It was very good.
That it stormed for more that 4 hours straight. We heard on the news the next morning that there was more than 9000+ lighting strikes that night. That is crazy.
On Friday we got ready and went down to the beach.  It was VERY windy.  I put Jamie in a bathing suit but didn't get her out of the stroller because it was so windy.  We had gotten her some waterproof diapers but they where to big on her so I put a diaper on then the waterproof diaper. She had a big BUTT!!!
We let Bre play in the Ocean for a couple of hours she went a friend and played with her.
After that we went to lunch and then came back and got in the pool.
She did great in the pool. Since it was so windy she got cold and her bottom lip started to quiver so I got her out and bundled her up and she feel asleep. Bre did very good swimming.  I swam for a little bit and then we went back to the room for showers and drove toward Savannah for dinner and ate at Applebees.
On Saturday we decided to just walk to the beach because again it was so WINDY. So after that we got showers and went to Savannah for the afternoon.  It is so pretty down there. Saw a couple of ships come in and Dunwoody Dave took his picture with them.

On Saturday night we ate at our hotel it was good and a very nice restaurant.
After we ate we went and walked on the beach and found some really cool shells with a flashlight couldn't believe it.
Well Sunday rolled around and we had to leave. And it looked like that was going to be the nicest day to be at the beach. :(
But oh well I had a great time with my amazing family!!
Here are more pictures

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A baby changes everything

Well its been almost 8 weeks since our sweet Jamison Kathryn was born. Its so hard to believe that this time has gone by so quickly.  She is such a joy to be around and a happy baby.  I can only imagine how quickly her childhood will go.