Monday, February 28, 2011

What a weekend!

I left work Friday and went home and went to hang Jamie's border around her room. It looked SOOOO good and then we decided we wanted to go look at new cars. We went to Ed Voyles Honda and got us a 2011 Honda CR-V for our family car. The girls can fit in in wonderfully with the car seat in the middle. So we are happy and excited for that. Saturday we ran SEVERAL errands.  We took the border back to Lowes because when we woke up Saturday morning it was off the walls on the floor.  Lowes is great for taking returns back.  So I got all my money back which was very nice!!! Then we went and gave Honda our down payment, then Bed Bath and Beyond to look for some clings for Jamie’s room, then Party City, Babies r Us, Burlington on 41, ate Mexican, Library, Burlington near the mall and then the baby store.  When we got home Saturday night we put together her crib.  We were SUPER excited.

That is how it turned out......I LOVE IT....
Sunday he JB had to go work part time. I went with my mom to see my grandmother and then around 115 got home ate lunch and started putting her dresser together. We didn't finish because we went with my parents and a couple of friends to the hockey game. The Thrashers won in overtime. It was good! We had box seats.....Great time!!!

I am 29 weeks yesterday.  She is moving a lot this morning....We go to the doctor on Thur at 300. We get another sonogram done. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 28

Wow she has been moving a lot!!! Last night I didn't think she was going to let me go to sleep.  Brian felt her move several times.  Its like when I lay down she has more more to 'run around.' LOL....

I think I am craving Peanut Butter I think. I have always liked it but now I eat it every day on my Bannana and a bannana and Peanut Butter sandwich for lunch today. 

Her crib, dresser and glider are IN! We are picking up tonight.. I think we got a great deal on everything.  We got a $150.00 gift card with the purchase of our mom bought the crib, Brian's mom bought the dresser and Brian and I bought the mattress and gilder. 

This weekend we are getting new Honda CR-V. Last night we went and drove one.  They are nice.  We can't fit all 5 of us in our mustangs LOL so we have figured this is what we want and this is what we can afford.. 

Busy crib, dresser and glider hopefully, buy new car and now we are going to a hockey game on sunday night...FREE tickets...can't beat that...
Picture from last summer at Stone Mnt. Sarah took the picture!!!

All of us at the DPD banquet in Jan 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We bought the crib, dresser, glider and mattress last night.  My mom put it on her credit card and she is going to pay for the crib and we are paying for the glider and mattress and my husbands mom is paying for the dresser.  I am so excited I can't wait until we actually get it and put it together and get room all decorated.  I guess once you decorate you know its getting close to her being born.
We have to hang the border and the other things we have for the room.....

Our house in the snow....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Gear/Painting/Wood Letters

I am so proud of the stuff my husband and I picked out for our little baby girl!

Jamie's Crib-my parents are getting this for us!!! we are going tonight to purchase it!!!!

This past weekend we painted Jamie's is PINK!! :) I think that was the toughest challenge to her room was getting it painted. Sarah painted the letters for her room. We think she did a GREAT job!!! I can't wait to hang them. They are going to look GREAT!
This is Jamie at 8 weeks......She looks so tiny!!!!!

This is Jamie at 18 weeks.   I looks like she has her hand on her forhead. :)