Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting a Christmas Tree

This year is the earliest I have ever had a Christmas tree I think.  We went Friday after Thanksgiving to cut down a tree. I guess you would call it 'Black Friday Christmas tree shopping" There was a lot of trees to pick from they were all so pretty.  We go to I have been going there since I was maybe 2ish.  I have had a real tree for more than 25 years of my life.  I love them.  There isn't anything like a real tree!!!

I think we are officially done Christmas shopping. I finished all my shopping on Cyber Monday. Got a lot of free shipping stuff and good deals. We got Jamie a bunch of Minnie Stuff and a powered Car( I can't wait to see her in that thing)

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Jamie will be 19 months in a couple of weeks. I can't believe it.  She has been so GOOD around the Christmas tree.  Hasn't touched any of the ornament or bothered any of the other Christmas decorations.  She is talking a lot. Not complete sentences but words and a couple of statements "lets see" "mine" "whats that" "outside"she is so funny!!!

Happy Last day of November

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Brian and 18 months for Jamie!!!

Today is the Best Husband and father in the Worlds Birthday.  Happy Birthday baby!!! We hope you have a wonderful day!!

Its a PLANE!!! at the park

Playing with Daddy in the floor before bed. Love to play ball or with the car

18 months today.  Its hard to believe. 
So do I start saying 1 1/2 now instead of 18 months? when do you stop the month thing?
She is in love with Minnie Mouse.  She says it MIMI.....
Took her to the park in Dunwoody yesterday and she actually played on the play ground like climbed up the steps and went down the slide and then back around and did it again.  She loves to swing!
Trying to start watching Santa movies :) which the best movie with santa is Polar Express!!!!! she blows kisses to Santa and waves to him.

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Yes, she was Eeyore for Halloween, NO we didn't take her trick or treating she had a "party" at her school.  If you know me you laugh because Eeyore is my FAVORITE!!!