Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other"

I wanted to write this story down before I forget and also to share with everyone or anyone that reads my blog (which I don't think is a lot). :)

So for months now I have been hearing about Disney on Ice at the Gwinnett Arena and been really wanting to go every time I have heard it.  I just think Jamie would LOVE IT.

On Monday this week I came into work and started looking at tickets and any good seats where kind of $$ to Brian and I so we just decided that we would just pass on going. I was kind of disappointed but I understand there are more important things that going to Disney on Ice :)  Driving to work on Tuesday I was flipping through the radio like I do EVERY morning and I flipped to Star 94 and they were doing Lilla's Little Theater and that where the host's little girl does says a quote from a movie or show.  The quote was from the movie "Lincoln" which Brian and I had just watched Monday night and actually when Lincoln made that quote we paused the TV and talked about that quote. The quote "Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other."   Well I knew the quote so like always I try to call the radio and the first time I called it was busy so I called back and it rang and a lady picked up and I told her the answer and she said you correct please hold.  So I held for about 3 or 4 minutes and then I was on the radio and host asked for my answer and I said it and then they said you just won 4 tickets to DISNEY ON ICE.
I was SUPER excited because I had NO idea I was about to win anything I was just excited that I knew the answer!!! I was smiling ear to ear and couldn't wait to call Brian and tell him that I had WON!
We haven't gotten the tickets yet but I did get an email from them. 

Here are so pictures of us and Jamie she is getting so big and talking A LOT.  Her and daddy love flying the kite!! She loves to be outside and starting to sign her ABC's and count. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

On Thursday 28th was Jamie's School pictures even though it was COLD outside I did decide to put her in a dress and her VERY thick coat and sent her with a chance of clothes. She looked so cute in her dress they said even at school she SMILED so I am super excited to get the pictures back. Here is one I took on my phone she acted like she didn't want to smile... :)

On Friday night the 29th we took her to Laural Park for the Easter Egg hunt this was her first HUNT. She was super excited and she seemed like she exactly what she was supposed to do.   She wasn't to found of the Easter Bunny but she did wave at him and said 'hey' just not close enough were he could hear her...

On Saturday Brian took the day off :) and we went to another Easter egg hunt and she also got A LOT of egg at this one. It was a little bit nicer day so she got to wear her dress all day.  She wouldn't walk up to this Easter bunny either but daddy tried to get a couple of pictures. I think this one is funny of the bunny in the back ground

On Sunday Jamie and I went to work because Brian had to work.  So I decided that I wanted to go to the church I grew up in.  So I got us ready and got there for the 1115 services and Jamie went right to the nursery and seemed kind of excited. I missed Brian but enjoyed going to church.  Again another picture of her in another dress.  I don't know if she liked this one as much because it was a little puffy.

Since its been a while since I posted we also went to the Zoo...We bought season passes for like some crazy low price. If we go twice they are already paid for...
so here are some pictures of some amazing animals