Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Eeyore

When Jamie and I got home yesterday this was sitting on our kitchen table. GRRRRR.....pirate Eeyore! and a little Pumpkin bear for Jamie.  Brian got it at walgreens yesterday. Isn't he SOO CUTE! When I gave Jamie her little pumpkin she wouldn't put it down, she sleep with it, took it to daycare this morning and everything!

Friday, September 14, 2012

16 months

Jamie is 16 months.  Very hard to believe . I feel like she is learning new things every day.  Her hair is getting SOOO Long and I can't believe she lets it hang in her face.  She doesn't like a clip in her hair, she takes it out within 2 seconds. 
She is doing so many things
- Last night she climbed up
- Saying so many different words and understand so many different commands
- Helps unload the dish washer every day and gets a yellow star on the board when she helps and listens.  She gets so exicted when she gets a start.  - She is almost brushing her teeth by herself. I have to help a little because she likes to chew on it. 
-She knows where her hair, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly and feet are. She loves to have you count and sing the ABC's
- Words she knows: Eyes, ears, Daddy, Mommy, ball, duck, dog, keys, cup, eat-eat, bumbo, pee-pee, she mooo's for cow, beep-beep for a car,
.   I got very frustrated last night because she wouldn't eat.  The only thing she reallywanted was green beans.  I swear if I just put green beans and Lima beans on her plate she would be happy.  I tell her she is going to turn green!!!

She is so sweet she gives hugs and kisses before bed and when she wakes up.  She waves at EVERYONE and says bye bye whenever we leave a room or some where. At daycare they say she is the best behaved child in her room.  That makes me feel really good! :)