Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review/Winter

Not sure what book this is for the year but I know it is nothing compared to some of the blogs I read like Book Hooked Blog. I can't believe all the books she reads. I have hardly have time to read 1 page a day. 
So the book I just finished was a very quick read and I read it over a long weekend time frame.
Very good! Great story and very easy to get into.  I feel like it teaches you about life and so precious it is and you never know when you can help someone else out. Great book to read around Christmas.
Also, since I wrote late time Jamie has gotten so BIG!!! 2 1/2 years old and talking up a storm asking what everything is. What that mommy. Mommy what is that. sometimes she is so funny and sometimes she is Hard headed!!!

 In October we went to Disney it was so much fun....This is us riding Dumbo.
Meeting Mickey!!! We did a lot in the 4 days we were down there...The bad news is that we lost Baby Bear :( I wasn't a happy camper and Jamie has only asked about her about 5 times.. I am just sad we lost her first bear. At least she still has her blanket. I just can't imagine were we lost it at. So sad!! :(
We went and cut down our Christmas tree and this year it was actually COLD!!!
Can't believe its almost 2014 that is so hard to believe!!!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beach and Book Review

We went to Tybee Island this past weekend for our anniversary and it was a lot of fun.  I can't believe its been three years!!! What an amazing adventure we have had so far. What an amazing child we have!! We drove down on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.  Jamie loved playing in the sand and building sand castles with her daddy!!! We ate at lady and sons (Paula Deens) on Friday night and it was yummie!!! The beach was VERY crowed on Saturday!!!

I just got finished reading the "Lucky One" By Nicholas Sparks.
His new book is coming out next week and I am so excited I had to read this one since I hadn't read it yet.
Brian bought me the movie at Christmas time last year but I refused to watch it I said I wanted to read the book first.
What amazing writer Sparks is.  I am amazed every time I read one of his books. 
I am SO glad the ending happened the way it did I would have been upset if it ended any other way.
I loved Elizabeth and Logan's character now I can't wait to watch the movie

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Review

"Where the River Runs"
Written By: Patti Henry

I picked up this book at a library sale on the last day and I am SO glad that I picked it up.  I just read the back two sentences of the cover and thought I think I would like this book and just threw it in my bag.  When I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and started reading it.  I got pulled in very fast.  I felt like I knew the characters so well like she could of been my friend or sister going through this.  Plus the coolest part it was based here in Atlanta and other parts in South GA.  I didn't know that when I picked the book up.  It was kind of a short book but I was so please and happy that I got to read it.  I would encourage anyone to read this book.  I think I might be looking for more of Patti Henry's books.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Merry Christmas in JULY

Yesterday Jamie had beach school pictures and here is a preview of 1 of them.  They took 6 and it was so hard choosing 1 but I think this one is my favorite one.  We are going to get 2 different pictures.

She is really starting to become her own little person.  Potty training is not going like I thought it would.  She tells you that she needs to potty but just sits there and does nothing. Everyone says it will come give her time. When she goes to sleep she takes everything in her room and tries to put it in her bed.  Its hard not to laugh at her when you go in there because she 2 puzzles, A LOT of books,  stuffed animals her blanket, her pillow its just a lot of stuff.....

So my mom just called with her inner BITCH quote of the day
" You cross a PMS with a GPS you got a moody bitch who will hunt you down"
LOL....I laughed so hard!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July

 My favorite holiday of the whole YEAR and it rains the whole day and weekend!! :(

Totally bummed.  Brian did try to put on a parade for me.  Which of course cheered me up!!! But I was bummed because Jamie didn't get to see fireworks or go to any parade.  Brian also had to have eye surgery the week before 4th of July so that didn't help either.  He had a torn retina and had to get a gas bubble put in his eye so the tear would heal.  It was very weird. He had to keep his head down for a whole week. The only time he could look up was to eat or go to the bathroom. It was a weird weekend.  But he is doing much better now and has been on light duty since Monday. So that has been nice to have him here in the building with me!  
I have read two books since my last post of books.  I read The Orphan Sister by Gwendolen Gross.  It was a book I just picked up a book store because it was like $2.99 and it looked good.  Well I really didn't like it.  The story is very weird and I don't like all the mid-thought from the past when the current event's where happening. I skipped a couple of chapters because I was more interested in the current events than the past events in her life. Glad I read it but I don't think i would recommend it to anyone.
The other book I read was Paula Deens Autobiographer. What an excellent book.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  Her life story explains why she is the way she is...I think she is completely getting the shaft right now. I support her 110%

Jamie has finally started saying her name.  I think she knew the whole time she just likes playing games.  She love reading and playing outside but since its been raining like everyday for the past two week she hasn't been able to go outside lately. She is saying so many words and sentences its almost like your having a conversation with her.  Growing up so much!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Kitchen House/Jamie's First Hopstial Trip

What a GREAT book!

When a white servant girl violates the order of plantation society, she unleashes a tragedy that exposes the worst and best in the people she has come to call her family.
Orphaned while onboard
Eventually, Lavinia is accepted into the world of the big house, where the master is absent and the mistress battles opium addiction. Lavinia finds herself perilously straddling two very different worlds. When she is forced to make a choice, loyalties are brought into question, dangerous truths are laid bare, and lives are put at risk.
The Kitchen House is a tragic story of page-turning suspense, exploring the meaning of family, where love and loyalty prevail.

I think it was well written. Had several touching moments and great characters.  I was shocked at several things but overall I am so glad I read this book.  It was an easy read and you felt like you knew everyone personally.  I feel like the Kathleen Grissom left it open to have another book and have make it great about Lavinia managing the farm and making it grand.

Jamie had her first hospital experience.
Her and I spent the Saturday night at Scottish Rite-that place is great the doctors and nurses are amazing. Jamie had the croup with strider(don't know if that is spelled correctly).  Had to have 2 breathing treatments. My poor baby!  

getting breathing treatment at the hospital

Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review---"Cat and Mouse" by James Patterson

When I first read "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider" I was hooked and for some reason I stopped reading this series and then I skipped "Jack and Jill." But truthfully I think you could skip around on these books and it wouldn't be a big deal. This book has been eating at me to read. So I finally picked it up and finished it within a month. That is good for me because I don't have much time to read!!  But I finished it yesterday and I was excited.  I enjoyed reading this book, it was good plot and great suspense.  It would recommend this series to anyone that loves police and great suspense books. Easy read, short chapters and moves fast.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 years old

Can't Believe it!!!
Our baby girl is TWO!!!
For her birthday she got a play house for outside and a bunch of play food!!!  SHE LOVED it. Now all she wants to do is play outside. Which I don't have a problem with because we love to be outside.
As most people know two year olds are FUN but then again frustrating some times. 
She is talking up a storm!!! Loves to play with ANYTHING Minnie Mouse and little small figurines.
She knows several words. Drinking out of a big girl's cup. And so many other stuff I can't believe she is doing. Really no interset in peeing on toilet but it will get there...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other"

I wanted to write this story down before I forget and also to share with everyone or anyone that reads my blog (which I don't think is a lot). :)

So for months now I have been hearing about Disney on Ice at the Gwinnett Arena and been really wanting to go every time I have heard it.  I just think Jamie would LOVE IT.

On Monday this week I came into work and started looking at tickets and any good seats where kind of $$ to Brian and I so we just decided that we would just pass on going. I was kind of disappointed but I understand there are more important things that going to Disney on Ice :)  Driving to work on Tuesday I was flipping through the radio like I do EVERY morning and I flipped to Star 94 and they were doing Lilla's Little Theater and that where the host's little girl does says a quote from a movie or show.  The quote was from the movie "Lincoln" which Brian and I had just watched Monday night and actually when Lincoln made that quote we paused the TV and talked about that quote. The quote "Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other."   Well I knew the quote so like always I try to call the radio and the first time I called it was busy so I called back and it rang and a lady picked up and I told her the answer and she said you correct please hold.  So I held for about 3 or 4 minutes and then I was on the radio and host asked for my answer and I said it and then they said you just won 4 tickets to DISNEY ON ICE.
I was SUPER excited because I had NO idea I was about to win anything I was just excited that I knew the answer!!! I was smiling ear to ear and couldn't wait to call Brian and tell him that I had WON!
We haven't gotten the tickets yet but I did get an email from them. 

Here are so pictures of us and Jamie she is getting so big and talking A LOT.  Her and daddy love flying the kite!! She loves to be outside and starting to sign her ABC's and count. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

On Thursday 28th was Jamie's School pictures even though it was COLD outside I did decide to put her in a dress and her VERY thick coat and sent her with a chance of clothes. She looked so cute in her dress they said even at school she SMILED so I am super excited to get the pictures back. Here is one I took on my phone she acted like she didn't want to smile... :)

On Friday night the 29th we took her to Laural Park for the Easter Egg hunt this was her first HUNT. She was super excited and she seemed like she exactly what she was supposed to do.   She wasn't to found of the Easter Bunny but she did wave at him and said 'hey' just not close enough were he could hear her...

On Saturday Brian took the day off :) and we went to another Easter egg hunt and she also got A LOT of egg at this one. It was a little bit nicer day so she got to wear her dress all day.  She wouldn't walk up to this Easter bunny either but daddy tried to get a couple of pictures. I think this one is funny of the bunny in the back ground

On Sunday Jamie and I went to work because Brian had to work.  So I decided that I wanted to go to the church I grew up in.  So I got us ready and got there for the 1115 services and Jamie went right to the nursery and seemed kind of excited. I missed Brian but enjoyed going to church.  Again another picture of her in another dress.  I don't know if she liked this one as much because it was a little puffy.

Since its been a while since I posted we also went to the Zoo...We bought season passes for like some crazy low price. If we go twice they are already paid for...
so here are some pictures of some amazing animals

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Almost 2

Jamie will be 2 in May its very hard to believe. I remember her being born like it was yesterday. 
Everyone keeps asking me about having another baby.  Then the question pops in my head do you really get in enjoy your first child if you have another one right away? I know several people that are pregnant again with their second child and they had their first child around the time Jamie was born. I want to be able to enjoy Jamie's 1st. But there is a small chance that we might have another child.

But then I have to be concerned about stats like this "Men over 45 may have offspring which have a higher likelihood of a neuro-cognitive disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia. They could also be expected to have a slightly lower IQ."  Should something like that concern me since Jamie is happy and healthy?

What age should your first child be around before you think about having another one? I was thinking maybe when she is about to enter pre-K, but then I think will Brian be to old? He will be around 46? Should I just be happy with Jamie and not chance having another baby? Even though I want one pretty badly but I don't want to jeopardize missing anything in Jamie's life. OK I am on a soap box now... 
My mom's hat I made her.

But I did get to hold two very sweet babies this week. So I was excited about that. First, was Ms. Adrian Head welcome to the world! I held her on Tuesday and she was so tiny, Jamie was NEVER that tiny! Second, was Ms. Ansley Stevens Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Kids are great!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Car Seat Safety

First, I am obsessed with this stuff. I am really bad when walking through parking lots and see something wrong with a car seat I want to jump in the car and fix it. Or parents that put their infant only car seat on top of the buggie at the grocery store. That stuff DRIVES ME CRAZY.. LOL

Do you think your Child or Grandchild is riding safely?
"96% of parents and caregivers believe their child safety seats are installed correctly, research shows that 7 out of 10 children are improperly restrained"

My husband and I are Georgia certified Child Safety seat Technician.

Yesterday, we went to a update class and learned information on New car seats LATCH, Airbags and transporting obese children.  Technology with new car seats is amazing.  I was shocked at some of the new features. 

Here are some of the brand new Car seats to hit the market if you are interested you should take a look at some of these.
Cybex Aton
Maxi-Cosi Pria 70
Diono Radian R120
Clek Foonf
Summer Infant Prodigy
Graco Smart Seat
Graco Nautilus

Ask yourself these questions

1. What are the weight and height limits on your child seat? Is your child in between those guidelines?
2.  Are you using LATCH or Seat belt? Are you using the correct belt path? If using LATCH are you over the weigh limit for the lower anchors for the vehicle (read your owners manual?)
3. Is your child that is under 13 riding in the backseat?
4. Is your child that is under 8 or shorter than 4'9 in a booster or car seat?
5. Has your child seat been in an accident? Do you know the history?
6. Does your car seat move less than an 1 inch side to side/front to back testing at belt path?
7. Is your car seat recalled? Is your car seat registered with manufacturer? Is your car seat expired?

I could go on and on. But I won't. However, please read your owners manual of you vehicle before installing your car seat and also read the owners manual for the car seat even if you have installed a car seat before. Every car seat is different and every vehicle is different.

If connect me if you have ANY questions!!

Great websites:

Had to attach some pictures of Jamie styling in her car seat!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being a Mom and a Step Mom

 Juggling between being a step mom to 8 year old and a Mom to a 21 month old is becoming VERY hard on me. 
 My step daughter is a great kid and does mind most of the time. She does things that I really do not like or approve of and there are certain habbits I don't want my daugther to pick up on or start doing. 

I really don't know how to handle certain situation.  I know I can't be her mom she has a mom.  But when she is at our house she does need some guidance I feel like. But I know I am a much stricker mom than her mom.  I am just trying to level out the situation and make it easy my husband, my daughter, my step daugther and myself.  I feel like I am doing a pretty crappy job.

Well anyways, yesterday we went to the circus. Jamie LOVED seeing the animals especially the elephants she was amazed by them.   She is talking so much and is so funny. She loves to watch Blue's Clue and sing the song!! She knows some many songs and sings them to us. 


Friday, February 8, 2013


I loved reading this so much I decided to post it so I could always look back on it and so other people could read it.  Mr. Sean Kaufman came to our work today and spoke and I have to say he is a very good speaker and teacher.  So I went to his website and I found this.  My mother taught me this ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.  If you want into her office that is what your see in big BOLD letters. She lives by this.  Even what is going in her life right now, she knows if she doesn't have a good attitude than she is only hurting herself.  So I hope everyone gets as much out of this as I did. Enjoy

Attitude is Everything - THIS IS GOOD!

Written by Sean Kaufman.
If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. 
Colin Powell
 A king and his assistant were best friends.  The king loved his friend very much, but was bothered by something his friend frequently said.  Every time something seemed to go wrong – his friend would put his arm around the king and yell, “THIS IS GOOD”.  Over time, the king just accepted his friend’s habit.
One day, the assistant loaded the king’s rifle during a hunting trip.  When the king fired the weapon, it backfired causing the king to lose his thumb.  His friend looked at the king and yelled, “THIS IS GOOD” – and the king became so angry he ordered his friend to prison.
A year later, the king is on another hunt when his group was ambushed by a group of cannibals.  As the cannibals prepared for their feast – they noticed the king was missing a thumb.  Being very superstitious, they released the king because it was bad luck to eat someone who was missing a body part.
The king returned home and immediately summoned his friend from prison.  When his friend entered the room – he told him the story, fell to his knees, and asked him for forgiveness.  His friend looked at the king and yelled, “THIS IS GOOD”.  The king recanted – “I put you in prison, kept you away from your family – how can you say this is good?”
His friend said, “This is good because if I was there with you – they would have eaten me!”
So many times in life things don’t go the way we wished they would.  Life happens and your attitude about what is happening in life can determine whether you stay in a valley or begin climbing to the next peak.  I find that when you face a tough time, when you begin feeling that something or someone has wronged you – do what the King’s friend does.  Instead of getting down, yell as loud as you can, “THIS IS GOOD” – believe that it is and look for the good in all adversity.
Colin Powell’s quote above sums it up perfectly.  Excellence is not an exception – it is a prevailing attitude.   Start to peak again by simply yelling – THIS IS GOOD!   Move forward accepting all that is good.  By shifting your attention away from what is bad – to what is good – you begin a form of best thinking and start developing a prevailing positive attitude.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saving a Life!!

What can we do for other people?

How often do we think about other people's life that isn't in our family? Strangers?
Do we think about ways we can help them?

Have you ever thought about donating blood, platelets or bone marrow? Just doing one of these you could save someones life.

Before Jamie was born I used to give platelets as often as I could. I think I was up to around 25 donations.  I would LOVE to start doing that again but it takes around 2-3 hours depending.  I just need to make the time and DO IT!  I have never thought about donating Bone Marrow until mom starting going through all of this
So I would encourage EVERYONE to think and try to at least donate blood twice a year or more. Mom has received blood and platelets so I am thankful for whomever donated those.

Mom is doing GREAT!!! In great spirits and always a GREAT attitude about her recovery. I am so proud of her. I got some items off choose hope website for Leukemia.  I got this button (My Mom is my Hero), 2 orange bracelets and a pin. 

If you read this blog think about if one of your family members got sick and needed blood, platelets or even bone marrow would you do it? Why not help someone that needs to right now!!!

Ok, I am OFF my soap box!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish We Could Start 2013 Over!

Not to excited about 2013 right about now.  But I know God has his plans for this year and its in His hands.
So here is why I would like to start 2013 over again! The first week in the year my mom had blood work taken and they found some abnormal stuff in her blood so they asked her to come back for a second set of blood work to make sure it wasn't a mistake. So after the second set of blood work they told her that she needed to go to the hospital right away.  They told her that she was anemic. At Kennestone hospital they started running a bunch of test. On Tuesday Jan 8th my dad called me and told me I needed to come up to the hospital.  When Brian and I got there my mom told me she had Leukemia.  She explained everything to us saying that they were going to be transporting her to Northside tomorrow the 9th.  At Northside hospital one of the best in the country for Leukemia patients they started running more test and said she had ALL Leukemia.  They started Chemo on Saturday the 12th and they finished with the first round 2 days ago.  Her immune system is now breaking down and they will start the second round on the 21st.
Yesterday, the doctors says she is on the right track for a good recovery.
Mom in the hospital this picture was taken on  the Jan 16th. 

Also, at the beginning of 2013 Jamie was sick and had to get an inhaler and so antibiotics. Now this morning I take her temp and its 104.0 and I take her straight to the doctor and wait for somebody to see her.  Well they tell me she has the flu.. :( Poor baby. Can't stay healthy.  SO now that she has the flu I can't see mom for a while because she can't have any GERMS it would not be good if she got sick because her body couldn't fight it off.  

If you read this please say a quick prayer for my family. I don't know how much more I can take.  I feel like the earth is closing in on me FAST.

Again, leave a comment if you read this.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas/New Years

Christmas started really early for us this year.  We got our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving and Brian and I were done with the kids shopping early in December.  We went and saw Santa early and everything wrapped early!! We were ready!

Jamie Turning On the Tree after getting home

Jamie loves to turn on the Christmas tree and the blow up Eeyore we have at the front door.  She knows we are supposed to plug in the wreath at the front door and then go inside and turn the tree and Eeyore on.  She is so proud of herself when she does that. 

Christmas Eve Brian and I open our present with each other and we also let Jamie open a Christmas Book before she went to bed she got " The Night Before Christmas"

For Christmas I got a stand up mixer and Brian got a Keurig machine


On New Years Eve we went to Renaissance Hotel at the Atlanta Airport and watched planes land and take off like we did last year.  I was fun and loved watching the planes.  Happy New Year....Bring it on 2013