Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish We Could Start 2013 Over!

Not to excited about 2013 right about now.  But I know God has his plans for this year and its in His hands.
So here is why I would like to start 2013 over again! The first week in the year my mom had blood work taken and they found some abnormal stuff in her blood so they asked her to come back for a second set of blood work to make sure it wasn't a mistake. So after the second set of blood work they told her that she needed to go to the hospital right away.  They told her that she was anemic. At Kennestone hospital they started running a bunch of test. On Tuesday Jan 8th my dad called me and told me I needed to come up to the hospital.  When Brian and I got there my mom told me she had Leukemia.  She explained everything to us saying that they were going to be transporting her to Northside tomorrow the 9th.  At Northside hospital one of the best in the country for Leukemia patients they started running more test and said she had ALL Leukemia.  They started Chemo on Saturday the 12th and they finished with the first round 2 days ago.  Her immune system is now breaking down and they will start the second round on the 21st.
Yesterday, the doctors says she is on the right track for a good recovery.
Mom in the hospital this picture was taken on  the Jan 16th. 

Also, at the beginning of 2013 Jamie was sick and had to get an inhaler and so antibiotics. Now this morning I take her temp and its 104.0 and I take her straight to the doctor and wait for somebody to see her.  Well they tell me she has the flu.. :( Poor baby. Can't stay healthy.  SO now that she has the flu I can't see mom for a while because she can't have any GERMS it would not be good if she got sick because her body couldn't fight it off.  

If you read this please say a quick prayer for my family. I don't know how much more I can take.  I feel like the earth is closing in on me FAST.

Again, leave a comment if you read this.


  1. Hello there. I stumbled onto your blog kinda accidently. Listen, you CAN take this, and more. Let the pain and fear come, sit with it, accept it, and know that you can keep moving and loving and doing even with that pain.
    I am so so sorry about your mom. Cancer is...well it terrifies me. But your mom doesn't look like the kind who is going to go down easily.
    Anyway. Keep writing down your thoughts when you need to. It helps put things in proportion.

    Glad I found you.

  2. Thank you Therese for the sweet comments!!! I am SOOOO glad you wrote a message!! I always see people visit my blog but don't leave comments!!
    By the way she is DOING GREAT!!!