Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back from the beach

Jamie and Daddy eating on the Boardwalk
 14 months old.  Jamie turned 14 months old on 12th of July.  I can't believe it.

We just got back from the beach.  We think that Jamie had a fun time.  She didn't give us any trouble in the car ride down there or even on the trip.  She enjoyed the beach the 1 time we went down there because we it was so crowed and so HOT.

She is saying dog, duck, daddy, mommy, bottle(which is her cup), ball and trying to communicate however she can.  She hardly can EVER sit still.
She follows instructions like 'put in the trash' ' take this to daddy/mommy' 'sit down and drink your milk'
She always LOVE TO DANCE.  Every time she hears music she starts to dance.
She gives us hugs and kisses often.  She blows everyone a kiss(except the man in Publix with the chief hat on) she doesn't like him to much.  :)
She knows were her nose, eyes, mouth, hair and ears are.  She likes trying to put her shoes on.  She is now officially in the toddler room at day care. 

Jamie's first boy to stop and flirt with her.  They were 2 days apart
 On our vacation Jamie got to build her first Build a Bear.  She kind of with my help picked a bunny.