Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Its Been a long time

My favorite holiday past so I have to post some pictures.  Because this year I actually got to see a parade and fireworks!!

My favorite the horses!!!

That day was great!  Wish mom was up for going to the parade but hopefully next year!! By the way she is cancer FREE!!  We went out to eat for the first time for her birthday/mothers day!! she was so excited.  The restaurant we went to even sang happy birthday to her and then announced she was CANCER FREE!! yahhhh!!


So I feel like I have gotten disappointed lately in a lot of peoples behavior.  Jamie is doing each day with hers :) which makes us happy.  She is learning that if she doesn't act right than things get taken away!  She still has her moments but don't we all!  However Brian's middle daughter has always seemed very close to me but lately has been giving me major attitude especially when I am texting her which I try not to text her anymore because I don't want to deal with the attitude.   I have told her this is NOT the way we will be raising Jamie and do want to deal with it. She just laughs it off.  I know that age and dealing with her parents being divorced is a lot however I don't think an attitude is necessary.  Brian really never hears it or sees it because its like she only does it around me.  We are drilling in Jamie's head that it is yes not yeap or no not nope, please and thank you each and every time.
Also, Brian's middle daughter is starting Cheerleading which I can't stand.  I think it makes teenage girls grow up to fast and be a follow and not a strong women leader.
oh well not much I can do expect raise my child as a STRONG women and a nice and considerated women.
I have read a few books.  Right now I am reading "First Family" by David Baldacci.
Very good!!

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