Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saving a Life!!

What can we do for other people?

How often do we think about other people's life that isn't in our family? Strangers?
Do we think about ways we can help them?

Have you ever thought about donating blood, platelets or bone marrow? Just doing one of these you could save someones life.

Before Jamie was born I used to give platelets as often as I could. I think I was up to around 25 donations.  I would LOVE to start doing that again but it takes around 2-3 hours depending.  I just need to make the time and DO IT!  I have never thought about donating Bone Marrow until mom starting going through all of this
So I would encourage EVERYONE to think and try to at least donate blood twice a year or more. Mom has received blood and platelets so I am thankful for whomever donated those.

Mom is doing GREAT!!! In great spirits and always a GREAT attitude about her recovery. I am so proud of her. I got some items off choose hope website for Leukemia.  I got this button (My Mom is my Hero), 2 orange bracelets and a pin. 

If you read this blog think about if one of your family members got sick and needed blood, platelets or even bone marrow would you do it? Why not help someone that needs to right now!!!

Ok, I am OFF my soap box!!

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  1. I agree! I give blood usually once a year because im O+ so everyone can use it!!! Happy your mom is in high spirits.